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No. XLV. Twelfth Night. Act III. Scene IV.
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Inscription "Mal. Sweet lady, ... was well writ; SHAKESPEARE. Twelfth Night, ... Maria, & Malvolio.; Oli. What meanest ... Cross - garter'd &c.&c"
"Painted by Ramberg. Publish'd July 1. 1791, by J. & J. Boydell, at the Shakspeare Gallery Pall Mall, & No. 90, Cheapside, London. Aquafortis by Ryder."
Oliver's House. Olivia, Maria, and Malvolio.
Description British Museum 1922,0428.29: "Malvolio, in a very fine suit of clothes, makes a leg to Olivia, who sits on the right with a diaphanous veil around her head, trying to woo her, while Maria leans over the back of Olivia's chair, giggling, and three others peep around the screen on the left; late etched state with parts of Olivia's veil left blank." [check Shakespeare Library, description etc.]
Also in Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett; scan Bildarchiv Oppel-Hammerschmidt 
No. [...] "The Meeting of Edward V, and His Brother the Duke of York" [check in this series or separate print and add inscription] [Ramberg Bartolozzi]


Scan ART File S528t6 no.113 Folger Shakespeare Library;
Yale Center for British Art; British Museum; Braunschweig,
 Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum; Berlin Kupferstichkabinett, scan Bildarchiv Oppel-Hammerschmidt;


London: John & Josiah Boydell


1794; 1789; 1791;


Ryder, Thomas, 1746-1810, printmaker;
Boydell, John and Josiah, publisher;


33 Künstler beteiligt.
Diverse Nachdrucke, zuletzt: John Boydell and Josiah Boydell (Hg.): Boydell's Shakespeare Prints. 90 Engravings. Mineola, NY: Dover, 2012. Erste Publikation: A Catalogue of the Pictures etc. in the Shakespeare Gallery, Pall-Mall. London: Printed for the Proprietors, and sold at the Place of Exhibition, [1793]. Digitalisat Ex., S. 87-
Ramberg: "Twelfth Night" (Yale Center for British Art).


503 mm h. x 650 mm w




Zahlreiche Forschungsbeiträge, z. B.: Pape, Walter, and Frederick Burwick (eds): Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. Bottrop: Peter Pomp, 1996.

Hammerschmidt-Hummel, 273, ill. 138. 

The introduction and many illustrations are also on the blog Boydell's Shakespeare Prints: 90 Engravings. Ed. John and Josiah Boydell. Mineola, NY: Dover, 2004.

Stuart Sillars: Painting Shakespeare. The Artist as Critic, 1720-1820. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006,  259-260: "How the scenes were chosen is not known. No record exists of Boydell's having issued instructions to individual artists [...], and there is certainly no evidence of there having been any overall scheme or systematic approach to the plays. Instead, it seems that individual artists approached Boydell with suggestions for subjects, ideas about treatments, or requests for commissions.[] In some cases, paintings had been begun before the scheme was mooted." 
         270-271: "Concern for material actuality does not always run alongside concern for truth to the text's historical period, or contemporary ideological statement. When a play is relocated within a different time, physical details can make valuable commetns about action and idea. The most striking instance of this occurs, significantly enough, in one of the few images produced by painters not English by birth, Johann Heinrich Ramberg's painting of Twelth Night (1789: Fig.89).[] It depicts malvolio's performance cross-gartered before Olivia, but places it in the world of Restoration comedy. This immediately suggests a set of relationships quite different, placing the absurdity of Malvolio's appearance within a series of interlocking pretences and stratagems to suggest the dark conquest peculiar to that genre. [...]"

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