Grimm, Albert Ludwig: Märchen=Bibliothek für Kinder. Aus den Märchen aller Zeiten und Völker ausgewählt und erzählt.

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Vol. 1. Märchen of the Thousand and One Nights for Children.
First part. 
"To the History of Kogia Hassan Alhabbal"
Not signed, but in the style of
Gauckler in oriental dress, in a square surrounded by spectators, above him a big bird with a turban in its claws. 

Vol. 2. 1820.  Märchen of the Thousand and One Nights for Children . Second part.
"To the fifth trip of the sailor Sindbad" not signed, but in style. 
One man is wearing another shirtless, grotesque head, and white beard on shoulders. Cactus and little monkey in the background. 

Bd. 3. Märchen of the Thousand and One Nights for Children. Third part. Title copper "To the adventurers of the prince Firus chess" signed "Ramberg del. Büscher sc." 
A couple riding in the air on a black horse, among them a man with a crown and in oriental clothes on a large cushion; Spectator; Smoke. 

Bd. 4. Märchen of the Thousand and One Nights for Children. Fourth part. Title Copper "To the story of the third calendar, which was a king's son".

Bd. 5. Mahrchen of the Thousand and One Nights for Children. Fifth part. Frontispiece "to the story of Prince Amgiad and Assad".
rider looks to young woman in open front door. Bystanders, all in turbans. 

Bd. 6th Mährchen of the ancient Greeks and Romans for children .Mährchen der alten Griechen und Römer für Kinder 1 Bd. 1824.
[C. Büscher nach Ramberg]
Title copper "To the fairy-tale of Faethon and his mourning sisters".
Not signed, head not typical.

Antiquely dressed charioteer, chariot, 3 horses. In the clouds, sun. 

Vol. 7. - "-. Bd. 2. 1826. Title copper "To the Mahrchen of Philemon and Baucis". not signed but typical [google Princeton]


Digitalisate Google Ex. Princeton Univ.


Frankfurt: H. Wilmans.


Bd. 1 1820.
Bd. 2 1820
Bd. 3. 1821
Bd. 4 1822
Bd. 5. 1823
Bd. 6.
Bd. 7. 1826.



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